Tagg—the Pet Tracker (Pet Location and Activity Tracker) by Snaptracs, Inc.
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Pet Supplies and Products for Animals Design Award Winner
Tagg—The Pet Tracker was created to provide peace of mind for pet parents, with a lightweight and contemporary design.
Tagg—The Pet Tracker is a purpose-built device that uses advanced GPS and wireless technology to track a pet’s location and activity. The lightweight, water-resistant Tagg tracker attaches to a pet’s existing collar. With Location Tracking, if a pet leaves the designated “Tagg zone” (geofence), the owner is quickly notified by text and email so they can find their pet on a map that shows the pet’s last known location with an estimated street address. With Activity Tracking, the owner can track a pet’s daily activity levels to help ensure the pet is getting the proper amount of vet-recommended exercise.
Design Challenges
The primary challenge was engineering a device with advanced radio transmission capabilities, while keeping it stylish, lightweight, water resistant, and durable. The innovative antenna “wings” design of the Tagg tracker addressed this challenge specifically; however, insert molding over an initial substrate of soft thermoplastic elastomer material initially proved difficult. Optimizing the end-to-end system of the tracker and docking station to achieve long battery life was also challenging. The team had to strike a balance between pet safety and minimum power consumption.
Production Technology
Tagg combines the most sophisticated and accurate GPS and wireless technologies in a lightweight and contemporary design that fits comfortably on a pet’s collar. Tagg features an innovative “wing” design that streamlines the look and shape of the tracker. These flexible “wings” house the tracker’s antenna, eliminating the need for extra bulk on the device while molding comfortably around a pet’s neck. The device is durable and water resistant, so pets can comfortably enjoy everyday activities including playing and swimming, all with the Tagg tracker securely clipped on their collar.
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