Daphne (Installation) by Fumio Hirakawa
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Award Winner
Daphne is an iteration of ongoing research on the possibility of paper as architectural material that can transform the perception of the space. Rather than simply retreating the old surface of existing tunnel the way it is, the intervention of creating another spatial structure within a tunnel was proposed. The intervention did not completely enclose the existing condition but respecting the existing spatial conditions, series of repeating pattern of solids and voids allowed to conceptualize the coexistence of old and new.
Daphne is a site-specific installation situated within the tunneled stairway that interplays with the notion of concealing and revealing the ancient walls of the tunnel leading to the peak of Kasteli in Santorini, Greece. Made entirely of self-supporting paper panels, Daphne creates an enclosure that intervenes the visitors' perception of the existing condition as a container of conglomerated memory as the paper panels age and take their shape accordingly to the local conditions. LED lighting contained within the panels will illuminate during nighttime that expresses the different perception of the space.
Design Challenges
Fumio Hirakawa did not encounter any design challenges while designing the award winning Daphne Installation.
Production Technology
Initial production began from figuring out the overall geometry that can contain within the tunnel using 3D software of Rhinoceros and Maya. The surface geometry was subdivided and panelized so that it is composed into a 6-sided star shaped unit. This system allows a repeating pattern of solids and voids so that the users are able to perceive the existing grand space of the tunnel merging with the new intervention. Total of 360 self-supporting hollow panels were figured out. Each panels were unfolded in Rhinoceros that was prepared for physical productions. Each panel pattern was printed on heavyweight watercolor papers that were cut and prefolded prior to shipping them from Japan to Greece. These flat-packed materials were assembled at site, linked with each other by zip-ties and situated within the existing tunnel space. String LED lights were installed within the panels so that the tunnel space got brightly lit and could be accessed by nighttime visitors to Kasteli and nearby tavernas.
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