Muse (Lamp) by Anarkhos design .
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Winner
Inspired by 'Won Buddhism' in its saying that there are no absolute qualities in our universe, we have given a paradoxical quality to ‘light’ by giving it a 'physical presence'. The spirit of meditation that it encourages was a powerful source of inspiration we used to create this product; embodying the qualities of 'time', 'matter' and 'light' into a single product.
The design consists of a luminaire that has a quantity of water that constantly evaporates and condenses within a contained vessel. The condensed droplets of water disturb the surface of the water at regular intervals to alter the quality of light that fills the space. By introducing a quality of 'time' to light, we can give it 'form'. In essence we are able to 'fill up' a given space with 'nothing' (无). It is the expression of the union of 'nihility' and 'fullness'.
Design Challenges
The challenge in this design was in finding a genuine form follows function aesthetic that was simple and durable and easy to assemble. In doing so we came up with 'two solutions'. Type 1's design was focused on creating a form follows function aesthetic that was more timeless and genuine. It also had focused the point of condensation down to one point at the tip of the luminaire to make sure each drop was pure. Type 2's design was focused on creating a more universal aesthetic that was simpler to construct and deliver into the commercial marketplace. Another distinction that sets Type 2 apart from Type 1 is the fact that there are multiple points of condensation, creating a 'raindrop' like effect.
Production Technology
Luminaire type 1: -The ‘Luminaire’ holds the bulb, the transformer and the vertical cabling structure. -The ‘Vessel’ holds the water under the condensation pot. -The 'Luminaire' is a full body copper housing with hot soldered joints. -The vessel is constructed out of two parts: the lower vessel that contains the water, and condensation lid. Both are hot blown glass with a copper rim to hold them together. -The lower vessel and the condensation lid is joined together by a ‘screw fix’. -The ‘Vessel’ is joined together by a copper latch for ease of disassembly. Luminaire type 2: -The 'Cabling' holds the 'Tensile Structural Mould' along with the light bulb. -The 'Lamp housing' fixes into the 'Structural Mould' with a 'Valley latch'. -Screw fixed within the 'Lamp housing' is the 'Glass Vessel' that holds the body of water. For details on the construction and function of each of these components, please refer to the attached sectional perspectives.
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