Cocktail (Table) by Mario J Lotti
2012 - 2013, Bronze A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
I wanted to design the "ultimate" cocktail table. Something that was beautiful to look at without becoming the center of attention of the room, a piece that can work with a variety of interior styles and a timeless design. The result is this table, which is a play of light, dark, shade and shadow.
The design is a geometric design of concentric squares, generally, a 1m square with a 0.6m hole on top of a 0.6m square with a 0.3m hole on top of a 0.3m square. - the black color of the table material and the shadows create interesting effects. The finish is a black lacquer finish that reads as a black with "depth". Items or artifacts can be display on the different levels below the table top to change the appearance of the table while also keeping the table top clear.
Design Challenges
The design process applied here has more to do with an experiment to prove a theory: The process of design may be accelerated by stripping it down to the fundamental components and working through them with intent, focusing on the design of the whole object at one time, and, if a problem is approached by considering the whole rather than considering each part, a coherent, harmonious and complete result may be achieved.
Production Technology
The table is made from plywood with a tempered glass top that is set flush with the table top. The legs meet the corners of the horizontal pieces such that the chamfer on the horizontal pieces match the width of the legs. There are special spring loaded fasteners that hold it together, which are the dowel like items in the images. Due to limitations on dimensional tolerances, the item is better suited for mass production in a factory. Mass production, Plywood, Knock down furniture, Black, glass
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