Mimì (Cookware Set) by gian piero giovannini
2012 - 2013, Bronze A' Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design Award Winner
It’s almost a standard. A aluminium pan is always coupled with a plastic handle and its joint. Is it possible to design a cookware set with different selected handles? This new kind of handles should be different only for its shape or could it be in some ways innovative? Probably it could adapt to the user’s grab…
Mimì is a non-stick cookware set. The simple design with its clean-cut geometry reveals a superior ease of use. Thick die-cast aluminium is used, not only for better heat conduction, but also to easily couple the essential body with handles without further joints. Steel handles literally grab the connection brackets forming a whole shape with the body; then they are fixed by two grub screws or specific glue. Steel, preventing heat transmission, exploits its elastic feature to get a cozy grip. One single element is drawn to obtain not a simple handle, but a handle fitting to the user’s hand and strength. Handles, with the small section, allow to easily change their shape when pressed, keeping steel flexibility and its possibility to be modified. With their yellow silicone rubber covering they stand out against the matt grey body or, if preferred, they can only be brush finished. Pan handle, the long one, is also bound by a rubber covered steel tensed wire playing on the capacity to modify its shape when pressed as well. The inner reinforced coating is applied in three layers to guarantee lasting non-stick quality and durability. It’s scratch and abrasion proof to resist the effects of metal utensils and abrasive pads. The ground non-slip thick bottom is perfect for heat diffusion. Less material can do more and even better.
Design Challenges
The real challenge was to find a way to connect steel and aluminium without specific joints or hardware, designing a simple and essential object with no undercut for the body mold and with no mold for the handles.
Production Technology
- body: thick die-cast aluminium with ground non-slip bottom and handle connection brackets - coating: high quality non-stick scratch and abrasion proof covering applied in three reinforced layers - handle: single steel drawn element with silicone rubber dip moulding or brush finish
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