Sarayli (ottoman) (Bathroom Furniture Set & Ceramic Tiling) by K.I.D (Kale Design & Innovation)
2012 - 2013, Silver A' Bathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware Design Award Winner
The new Saraylı Collection,strives to unite the traditional with modern lines and reinterpret palace motifs with hundreds of years of history in the new Saraylı Collection with the characteristics of Ottoman style. The project idea has been shaped with the aim of serving this style with an accessible design for the users. The design elements of the collection has been created as following; "Birun": The series that gets its name from “Birun,” the area outside of the harem suite, combines the simple texture of marble with gold details. The series where the gold details are transferred to the decor and background tiles has been combined with cut gold mosaics in a modern approach. "Enderun": The series that combines the details from the robes, tulips and chintemani figures of the presentation room in the inner part of the Ottoman palace where the Padishah would accept ambassadors and viziers, gets its inspiration from fancy jewels and textile fabric.
The collection,derived from the magnificence of the past and the body from today’s modern forms,has been designed for those who want to bring Ottoman decoration to their baths.With the series Birun and Enderun,the collection comprised of ceramic tiles and bathroom furniture appealing to two different sets of users have aimed to provide an integrated bath experience.The elements of palace style have been explored modernly and other properties like textile drawer interiors which are used in the furniture industry but have yet to be used in bath decor have been included into the collection.
Design Challenges
As the collection aimed to respond to the need that has formed in the market, it has been aimed at the middle segment with an accessible design criteria and successfully designed in line with this concept. Therefore the style has been presented to the consumer’s liking with an easily accessible design with all the suitable design solutions serving soft close details, hidden LED lighted mirror and drawer interiors with textile fabric covering included in the product provide the user with maximum luxury and benefit with the most practical solutions.
Production Technology
The ceramic tile series of the collection is comprising 1st firing base tiles and molded 3rd firing decor tiles.The most suitable materials have been used for the bathroom products; while the glass counter application is used to minimize water waste, textile interiors for a superior perception and the hidden yellow LED lighted mirror details aimed at capturing a consistent language and style reflected in the bath area. In order to create a total bath concept with the collection, the color coordination between ceramic tiles and furniture was given sensitive attention and joint color codes were used to prevent possible tone differences during production.
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