Untitled Design (Credenza) by Marcus Friesl
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
The inspiration of this piece was as a technology demonstrator of all the items that we have learned from creating projects for other clients. We wanted a clean, elegant and modern piece that had character and would elevate any space that it occupied.
The C1 is built with the care of time honored craftsmanship enhanced with innovative technology. This creates a piece that is highly precise yet embodied with warmth and character. We define this as emotive precision. The styling is both of its time and timeless. The thin metal shell provides all the support for the long span. Engineered self-supported cross plates underneath the drawers allow the unit to span uninterrupted without any center supports. This allows the C1 to float elegantly in space. The handles for the top drawers are embedded in the top metal shell, allowing a clean front face for the C1
Design Challenges
The most difficult part was to ensure that all the separate manufactures worked towards the same tight tolerances. This was to ensure that when the wood and metal pieces met at the folds and bends we were able to maintain the level of precision
Production Technology
engineered structural wood panels for long spans.
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