Nucleus (Modular Wine Rack) by Thijs Goossink
2012 - 2013, Bronze A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
Inspired by the designer's personal need for a wine rack design that is of high quality, contemporary, sleek and minimal, interactive, eye-catching but subtile, playful, and infinitely expandable by compact modules for high flexibility in limited spaces. A new design should also be able to hold slightly bigger sized bottles like Champagne bottles. Coloured elements encourage owners to be even more interactive so they can create refreshing new sculptures time and time again.
Modular wine rack Nucleus consists of flat elements of extruded aluminium. Each element is identical in shape, has a brushed finish and is anodized in blank or color. It is assembled by sliding elements together. Modular features at the elements' edges make the wine rack infinitely expandable with endless combination options. Rubber strips protect the floor and the elements at the bottom. Assemblies can either be free-standing or wall mounted through special adapters.
Design Challenges
In regard to the anodizing process, it was a challenge to find the perfect balance between surface finish quality and fitting tolerance of the interlocking parts. It was also a challenge to find a way to leave as few visible anodizing jig marks as possible, as there are no invisible surfaces incorporated in the elements' design to clamp these so-called jigs to.
Production Technology
Aluminium profiles are extruded in 6 meter lengths through our specifically designed die. This process is outsourced. In our workshop these profiles are lightly machine-brushed. Then, 6 profiles at once are CNC-milled to pieces with a length of exactly 260 mm, in 24 pieces per cycle. CNC-milling is used to get smooth and straight end faces. The elements are sent to an anodizing factory. Upon return, a thorough QC check is done and all parts are packaged in boxes.
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