Bonfire Wines (Wine) by Eric Steigelman
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Packaging Design Award Winner
Eric Steigelman states that the inspiration for Bonfire Wines Wine came suddenly.
Bonfire Wines is for Millennial and Generation X consumers who look for creativity and vibrant alternatives in the wine marketplace. They love to travel, explore, and enjoy premium quality wines in a variety of settings; such as around a fire, on a patio, sailboat, or simply at home sharing with friends and family. Traditional glass bottle packaging is limited in its functionality; it is heavy, it may break, and the wine will degrade after one week of being opened. To find a package that fit well with the brand’s message, we developed a flexible stand-up pouch that holds two 75cl wine bottles and selected a Tetra-pak carton that holds three glasses of wine. Both packages significantly improve performance and consumer interaction: The wine pouch is lightweight and easy to carry using the built-in handle. It also has a smaller package to product ratio of 3% instead of 40% for glass, which means less package waste. Following research and testing, we selected a pouch lamination that uses several layers of FDA approved (BPA free) materials with high oxygen and moisture barrier designed to preserve the quality and care that goes into crafting each wine. As you pour a glass from the easy-open tap, the wine pouch deflates, minimizing exposure to oxygen and extending the taste profile up to four weeks after opening.
Design Challenges
The challenge was to demonstrate the wine's premium quality and to improve consumer interaction using reliable packaging that was lightweight, easy to transport, and would protect the wine's quality and taste profile.
Production Technology
Laminated films, pouch conversion
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