Uefa Best Player Award (Sports Trophy) by Cristian Cook
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Awards, Prize and Competitions Design Award Winner
Taking inspiration from the shape of a dynamic human torso, as seen on an ancient statue of a Greek God, the idea behind the Trophy design was to convey a sense of pride and achievement, with the upward angle of the arms and chest helping to express these attributes. After studying anatomical poses of soccer players, computer scanning techniques produced wire-frame images for rendering, followed by casting in highly reflective polished silver. The statue was then placed on a beautifully crafted black base ergonomically designed to fit perfectly into the recipients’ hands.
This new prestigious Trophy is to celebrate the “Best Player in Europe”, awarded by top soccer federation UEFA, and was presented for the first time to 2012 winner Andrés Iniesta of FC Barcelona soccer club. Designwerk were commissioned to create concepts for the Trophy, and after 3 months spent developing various design ideas, followed by a complex production process, the final Trophy was cast in metal with a highly reflective silver finish. It will no doubt take pride of place in the homes of the “Best Player in Europe” for years to come.
Design Challenges
Cristian Cook did not encounter any design challenges while designing the award winning Uefa Best Player Award Sports Trophy.
Production Technology
The body of a real sportsman was scanned with structured light 3D scanning technology, to capture the 3D scan of his torso area, then data containing a retopologised quad mesh with UV co-ordinates, displacement and colour maps was made. This computer data was given to a silversmith sculptor, who used it to make a resin model of the Trophy, which was approved by the client, and then was utilised to hammer a metal coating onto, followed by a final layer of real silver. The torso shape was put onto a black marble base.
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