Interactive Electronic Lock (Lock The Door and Enable Home Automation) by CHANDRASHEKHAR NADGOUDA
2012 - 2013, Bronze A' Security and Surveillance Products Design Award Winner
Need for simplified, secure life and ecological commitment inspired Trane design team to design Interactive Electronic Mortise lock which is a next generation Interactive security system that will address high degree of security, convenience and home automation and will make everyday living simple and intuitive. Home connectivity feature develops a good habit to save energy, cost of electricity and help prevent electrical hazards. Beauty and elegance of the product comes from a sense of simplicity and design consistency.
Interactive electronic lock is a next generation Interactive security system that combines safety and convenience. Product is designed with differentiation in terms of Home connectivity, energy efficiency and convenience. With its intelligent features like Auto lock, Remote night latch, Privacy-Passage function, Tamper alarm, Emergency key, Non duplicable electronic key and Home connectivity, it brings a whole new dimension to home security. The lock is equipped with a patented auto lock feature. Lock avoids lock-in situation by enabling unlocking of the door from inside in case of emergency. With home connectivity feature user can turn off home appliances with just click of ‘Away’ button on the lock while leaving home. ‘Home’ button on the lock switches on home appliances automatically. This feature develops a good habit to save energy, cost of electricity and help prevent electrical hazards. This product is designed with future expansions in to consideration like Camera, GSM and biometric etc. Trims are available in different colors to have variations in the look. Above all, the solid body and square lever conveys stability. Sleek and stylish look of the product combines technology, elegance and ecological commitment, harmonizing very well with a variety of furnishing styles.
Design Challenges
Wireless Interaction of the lock with home applicances through remote control was the most challanging task.
Production Technology
Interactive technology and Home connectivity: Lock works on new-age Zigbee interactive technology that will address the high degree of security, convenience and control that user always wanted and will make everyday living simple and intuitive. Electronic lock will be a part of a connected home. Lock, remote control and Interactive air conditioner interact with each other through Zigbee technology. The Away/Home Modes on electronic lock Controls Air conditioner. One can switch off all Air conditioners just by pressing ‘away’ button on electronic lock. When you enter your house, just by pressing ‘Home’ button on lock, will switch ON Air conditioners and pre cools room. This will avoid common scenario where user forget to switch off electric appliances white going out. Home connectivity feature add convenience and also helps in reducing power consumption. Also Night latch function on remote enables user to lock the door remotely. Auto Lock – Electronic lock is safe by design: Rushing for the office or a movie show and fumbling for keys inside your pocket? No more. The Trane Interactive Lock locks itself by engaging the bolt every time you shut the door automatically. No more worries of your security being compromised. No more double checks on your door or searching for keys impatiently. Large deadbolt with 25mm throw provides superior security Non-duplicable electronic key: Electronic Key that uses highly secured encryptions and cannot be duplicated. In case of repeated attempt to open the lock with an invalid key, the lock goes into sleep mode to prevent unauthorized access
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