Pain and Suffering (Research Branding) by Sharon Webber-Zvik
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Winner
I was always fascinated with how artist approached science. How in Leonardo De Vinci's time, artists conducted thorough and fundamental study of the human body through drawing and engravings of dead people. The captured facial expressions in those sketches, combined with my personal envisioning of what the subjects experienced in their last seconds before passing away inspired me to conduct my own, humble, exploration on the fine line between art and science.
I had never imagined that as an artist and a graphic designer I would be hired to brand an Interdisciplinary academic research on pain and suffering. Accepting this meaningful challenge, I knew that I should not use the trivial visuals already conceptually bonded with those topics. My design explores suffering in different layers: philosophical, social, medical and scientific. From my personal point of view that suffering and pain comes in many faces and forms, philosophical and scientific, I chose the humanization of suffering and pain as my basis. I studied the analogies between symbiotic in nature and symbiotic in human relations and from this research I created characters that visually represent the symbiotic relations between suffer and the sufferer and between pain and the one in pain. This design is an experiment and the viewer is the subject.
Design Challenges
Due to the complexity of this subject, and due to the fact that my research was emotional and overwhelming, I had to force myself to remain objective and not to be led to one form of pain. I had to check my art several times, and to start over more than once. I had the honor to handle this topic. My art is evolving as this research and hopefully my art will make this research unforgettable to viewers.
Production Technology
My work in this project is comprised of several techniques. I always have a very clear vision in my mind of the visual I am about to create before the actual creation. I then start collecting the various materials needed for my art and creation. Some I find in image banks and manipulate them to suite my needs, and some I draw by hand. The balance between the purchased and the original creations is undefined and unpredicted - it is shaped in the process as the visuals from my mind and soul come to life. In my free drawings, some I create with pencil and paper, scan them and finalize my work on my MAC; Others I draw directly on my MAC using my Wacom Intuos Pan Tablet. Eventually, everything ends up in Adobe Photoshop
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