Misfit Shine (Activity Tracker) by Misfit Wearables
2012 - 2013, Bronze A' Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Winner
We wanted to design a product that people would want to wear even if it was broken. The activity trackers that are currently on the market are perfectly capable of tracking movement but are not highly wearable products because of material choices, fit, shape,etc. We were motivated to fill this gap, so we came up with Shine. Shine is composed of only durable, premium materials (aircraft-grade aluminum). It breaks away the complexity of over-engineered wearable devices and presents information to the user in a simple and intuitive way.
Shine is precision-crafted like jewelry to be worn to any occasion. We designed it so that the user can choose where to wear it: neck, hip, shoes, wrist, anywhere. There are no cables, screens or buttons on the device. There is just a bright halo of lights that lets the user know how they're doing. If they want more detailed information (steps, calories, etc.), they can get it on the Shine app. To sync Shine, the user simply places it on the screen of their mobile device (iOS or Android).
Design Challenges
The main challenge was to make a beautiful object that had the complex functionality we wanted to include. We wanted Shine to represent a shift in perception about wearable computing (from being purely functional to highly wearable). Communicating with a mobile device through a metal shell was also a major challenge but it was overcome while maintaining a simple interaction model (placing on the screen to sync in seconds).
Production Technology
We started by thinking about what interaction and functionality would be most meaningful to the user, then designed the product from the outside-in. We wanted to make the software and hardware as intuitive as possible without any factory-driven compromises. Shine’s housing is made of anodized aluminum and it contains EPROM circuitry and LEDs for low-power usage. It is CNC milled, sand blasted, diamond cut for precise edges and micro-laser drilled to allow light through the metal housing but not water in.
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