Fear (Chair) by Birnur Derya Geylani
2012 - 2013, Bronze A' Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Award Winner
I inspirated from nature.There are hedgehogs,roses and more barbed stuffs and everybody afraid of them, even they don't want to touch .I beleive that people should learn to deal with their fears and they should learn to live with them.Therefore i designed ' Fear Chair'.
My design is a little chair out of glass .There are some copper nails inside of the glass block.Normally,nobody wants to sit on a chair which has some nails in the middle .But in this chair you can face with your fears and you can sit on nails comfortably even if you can see them all clearly.
Design Challenges
Actually the hardest part was about the harmony of glass and metal nails.The question was about if the copper nails can be use in the glass .First i made a pretest of my work,after i use them in the glass.Copper is the only metal can be use in glass without any crack.
Production Technology
First i made a plaster model of sitting place than i made another plaster mold of it.After i used patte de ver technique to full fill my mold with Crystal glass,copper nails. There are four stainless steels to make the chair stand.
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