Scar Is No More a Scar (Necklace) by Isabella Liu
2012 - 2013, Silver A' Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Winner
There is a dramatic and unforgettable story behind my work, which has been marked deeply in my memory and body. When I was 12 years old, powerful fireworks seriously burned me. The burn caused a very embarrassing scar on my body. Upon trying to cover it with a tattoo, the tattooist warned me that it would be worse to cover the scar. Everyone has their scar, everyone has his or her unforgettable painful story or history, the best solution for healing is to learn how to face it and strongly overcome it rather than cover up or try to escape from it. Therefore, I want to express the dramatic pain by a beautiful way and hope people who wear my jewellery can feel stronger and more positive. The collection includes three necklaces, two pairs of earrings, two rings and one buttonhole. The pieces are made from silver and hand coloured silk. The dramatic and strong coloured silk within organic metal shape give striking material contrast. If you look at the pieces from different angles, each different view will surprise the viewers.
First of all, the design has a dramatic painful story behind it. It was inspired by my unforgetable embarrassing scar on my body which was burned by strong firewords when I was 12 years old. I express my massive pain and long healing process by a beautiful way. Therefore, I want to encourage everyone who has his or her sadness to come over the pain and make a strong statement! According to the concept and my personal scar, the piece has powerful eye-catching flame colour, burn edges, and organic shape. Besides, because the organic shape and hundreds coloured layers, If you look at the pieces from different angles, each different view will surprise the viewers. What's more, innovative material combine with precious metal, which makes the design more exciting.
Design Challenges
It was really a big challenge for me to look back my scar and try to express my dramatic story and long healing process in this design. For transmit my concept extremely well in final proposal, I developed so many shapes and colours, tested so many materials. finally, I selected the best shape and materials.
Production Technology
In this necklace, I use hand casting silver and laser cutting silk. I insipred by stone setting technique to set the silk layers. before that, I spend hours to hand lay different layers by resin and stitching.
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