Um Collezioni (Female Top Fashion Multi-Brand Store) by AS Design Service Limited -
2012 - 2013, Silver A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
“SUITCASE” Floating Along the Fashion Stream
The well-defined positioning of the Female Multi-Brand Concept (MT) will pull together a large customer base for all brands and enhance the image of each brand, creating synergy for all. Designers Four Lau and Sam Sum are imagining fashion represent sea, using waves as an inspiration element to create an unique shape of island display unit. With the extensive experience in searching and collecting renowned luxury brands among the sea of fashion, UM Collezioni always pick the most fashionable pieces, pack and bring them back in their SUITCASE. This makes UM Collezioni standing in the leading position as always.
Design Challenges
The display walls unit shelves design idea from the suitcase with variability of display combination. The mirror finishing suitcases are purposed to customers for general mirror functions and also can storage. We created a unique wave-shaped island display unit and consideration of aesthetics, proportion, structure, components, transportation, and material properties.
Production Technology
MATERIALS: Wooden veneer, PU painting, stainless steel, mirror, leather, and tiles
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