Calliope (Hi-Fi Turntable) by Deniz Karasahin
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Winner
First; as a reference to the purpose of this sound re-creating product this design is inspired by the sound itself. It is about how sound could be perceived and represented in a 3 dimensional space. Therefore it is inspired by lots of physics specially the graphical representations of how sound travels and how sound behaves. Second; as a reference to the golden age of high fidelity (50s and 60s) and the incredible technical passion of these devices this product is inspired by, the mid-century futurism.
The ultimate goal of a hi-fi turn table is to re-create the purest and uncontaminated of sounds; this essence of sound is both the terminus and the concept of this design. This beautify crafted product is a sculpture of sound which reproduces sound. As a turntable it is among one of the best performing hi–fi turntables available and this unparalleled performance is both indicated and amplified by its unique form and design aspects; joining form and function in a spiritual union to embody the Calliope turntable.
Design Challenges
Once I had the sound wave idea the engine housing and the main body practically build them self’s and they evolved greatly in technical aspects during prototypes but the control unit has always been a major problem. At my graduation presentation there was no control unit at all, there was just a bulk of electronic equipment because I had no time to design it on time and since then the control unit is entirely different on every prototype. The engine housing and the main body are connected visually they compete each other and for the turntable to operate properly they have to stand together but in the case of the control unit it visually needs to be a part of this design but it also has to be a completely standalone unit achieving this 4 years after drawing the other components was very difficult.
Production Technology
This product consists of approximately 160 pieces - components blending in together. Wooden pieces are from hard wood, mirror finish surfaces are from brass and semi mate black pieces are from stainless steel, these choices are made due to the acoustic capabilities of these materials ensuring better audio performance. Almost every component is either C.N.C milled or lathed. Casting was not an option for metal components, due to low production volumes. Wooden pieces are later, infused with a blend of mineral oils under vacuum for preventing the wood from cracking and turning. Then these pieces are sanded fallowed by acrylic spray painting and polishing. Metal components are first sent to, internal stress relief for standardizing the acoustic signature of the product and once they are milled the brass components are polished fallowed by chrome plating. Steel components are spray painted to semi mate black The screen on the control unit is from casted polyester via silicon mold under vacuum to prevent bubbles and to obtain a high gloss surface. The rest of the components such as screws, motor controller, rotating switches, damping materials, synthetic ruby ball bearings etc. are available on the market
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