Movable Wooden Animals (Toy) by Sha Yang
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Toy, Games and Hobby Products Design Award Winner
Children's actions and behaviors, Automata and mechanical toys’ structures
The diversity of automata animals are moving with different ways, simple but fun. The abstract animal shape absorbs children to imagine, “The abstract manner to allow the child’s imagination full plays. Children have always particularly loved simple and elementary toys precisely because their imaginations can turn them into just anything...” (Hils, 1959, p.32) (The toy, its value, constriction and use). There are totally 5 animals in the group: Pig, Duck, Giraffe, Snail and Dinosaur. Duck's head move from right to left when you pick it up from desk. it seems to say "NO" to you; Giraffe's head can move up and down; Pig's nose, Snail's and Dinosaur 's head move from inside to outside. All of the movements make people smile. And also all of the movements drive children playing in different ways, like pull and push the tails, turning the heads...etc
Design Challenges
It was very hard to make halls in the wooden balls and find the center in each ball. The most difficult part is how to design the inner structures for letting the movements can work very well.
Production Technology
100% wooden natural materials (Sapele, Beech) The inner structure of diversity movements’ technology
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