The Fear Construction Kit (Game in The Form of a Book) by Vyara Zlatilova
2012 - 2013, Bronze A' Unexpected Design Award Winner
For this project I was inspired by the society we live in today and the so-called "culture of fear".
Nowadays, we live in a society where there are many different aspects of fear. People are afraid that the most important things in their life could be destroyed or taken away – things such as freedom, dignity, health, often, even their lives. The media is constantly reminding us about how dangerous the world is and how afraid should be of it. Therefore, in my project I am aiming to explore the idea of how others are interacting with and responding to our personal fears. Throughout the last mounts I was collecting people’s fears via the social networks and personally. Based on them I designed an association puzzle game, which relies on the belief that it is within the human nature to be curious about others’ inner desires and deeply hidden secrets. Moreover, our knowledge and experience of emotions are not independent of the social context in which they occur. Emotions are related to the culture we are part of and as such they are shaped on both individual experiences and social norms. The society we live in today is interested in exploring others’ fears for numerous reasons. Fear is used by many as a tool for social control, power, domination and self-reassurance. Moreover, it is difficult to imagine that a world completely without fear would be particularly interesting. Therefore, the game I designed could be considered a social experiment, because it explores the idea of sharing our fear instead of keeping it a secret. Thus, it corresponds to the idea of trust and rise questions related to how people relate to each other within the culture of fear. Within this culture trust plays a vital role. It can be described as a “social glue” that keeps human beings together. A society can, however, also be held together by fear, but that is a considerably less attractive model. Fear is a way of looking at the world. What we fear and how strongly, depends on our conceptions of the world, of what dangerous forces exist in it and what possibilities we have of protecting ourselves against them. The idea behind the game I designed is that through creating different fearful images the player is taking part in a fictional universe which recreates experiences close to a psychotherapy session. Therefore, I have chosen the dominant color of the edition to be white as a representation of a mental state. The book sleeve, on the other hand, refers to a straitjacket again representing association with a psychiatric hospital. The game consists of two books, both digitally printed. All the images are based on collages, digitally edited and painted after scanning. The aim of the images both included in the kit and the sample booklet is to be as abstract and surreal as possible in order for the game to be more challenging.
Design Challenges
Vyara Zlatilova did not encounter any design challenges while designing the award winning The Fear Construction Kit Game in The Form of a Book.
Production Technology
From an engineering point of view, the The Fear Construction Kit Game in The Form of a Book by Vyara Zlatilova is a good example of a highly-developed project.
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