Bear Hug (Bottle Chiller/Ice Bucket) by Clive and Tina Bullivant
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design Award Winner
Design developed in response to a need challenge the sometimes austere, masculine aesthetic surrounding wine related products by taking humour as a key aesthetic priority
This design brings amusement and practicality to an otherwise purely functional product. It is part of a range of domestic culinary products taking inspiration from the polar regions. It employs polymers to reduce weight and improve safety. The double skin of the polycarbonate main body is filled with a silicone gel which helps maintain the temperature of the contents when the bucket is pre-chilled keeping ice water colder for longer. It brings colour and a talking point to dinner parties where it becomes a 'table sculpture' as well as functional object. The materials and appearance make it suitable for an informal gathering of friends.
Design Challenges
Well respected technologies were deliberately chosen to ensure that the product could be put into production. The main challenges were firstly visual in achieving a balance between the eye-catching and the functional which was achieved through good feedback with the focus group. Secondly the ergonomic and safety challenge which affected the selection of materials, size and shape.
Production Technology
The product comprizes injection moulded polycarbonate shell with polyamide grip. The grip is overmoulded with a soft touch silicon finish and the void between inner and outer shell is filled with a silicone gel.
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