‘…quel Genio Di Arturo!’ (Emotional Lighting) by Stefania Vola
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Award Winner
Contemporary version of Aladdin Lamp, interpreted with fluid shapes, current materials and technologies.
The famous tale of Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp inspires the object’s shape while modern technology creates its magic effects. Made of a black carbon fiber epoxy resin, the lamp turns on/ off and dims at the lightest touch. Conceived as table lamp, wall or suspension, this fantasy object is dedicated – on his specific request - to Arturo Brachetti, new genius of the lamp and internationally well-known, extraordinary quick-change actor. For him the object is called ‘…quel genio di Arturo!’
Design Challenges
The particularity of this lamp is the shell made ​​of carbon fiber that requires a processing complex, with finishing operations by hand. The ancient form is reinterpreted with contemporary materials and technologies and the base, when present, is intentionally essential. This lamp can be produced in limited edition - with personalizations (for example the word carved in the inside leaf) – and/or in series. The object has an international patent. It would be interesting to realize a limited edition to propose during the future tournèe of Arturo Brachetti in the United States (first in New York) and in East. The lamp is suitable to create evocative environments in private or public spaces, such as hotels, restaurants and SPA. The material and the particularity turns it interesting also for the Interior Yacht Design.
Production Technology
Carbon fiber lamp, inside finish in gold leaf, painted steel parts. Led lighting, ON/OFF/DIMMING touch control. The carbon fiber surface can also be finished with epoxy resin with shimmering reflections of different colors.
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