Cobra (Lighting) by Stefania Vola
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Winner
Möbius strip, Cobra
A simple Möbius strip (topological figure non-orientable) shaped in such a way as to evoke the figure of a cobra. Carbon fiber black or white and LED lighting (dimmable), placed in a way to project on a wall or around the looming shadow of a cobra head. Wall and table lamp.
Design Challenges
The challenge was to create an iconic sign, with emotional value, using the Möbius strip. The use of carbon fiber is particularly suitable to express the formal movement. The choice of placing the light source in the base shows ironically the artistic value of the object, leaning on it as on a pedestal and star in generating the play of light and shadows. It can be produced in a limited edition (with customizations), but it fits well also to serial production. The object has an international patent. With its simple and elegant design is suitable for private or public location, especially hotels.
Production Technology
Carbon fiber lamp, painted steel parts. Led lighting, dimmable (preferably adjustable).
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