Nikidom Roller (Schoolbag) by Sylvie Cherian
2012 - 2013, Bronze A' Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award Winner
ROLLER was designed by a mom tired of seeing her children carrying heavy backpacks, and of wheelie bags that break after just a few months of use and are cumbersome or uninteresting for children to carry around. Many parents can relate and are already calling ROLLER the most innovative children´s product in a long time. For inspiration on the design all existing schoolbags on the market were set aside, in order to produce one that would look strikingly different, and with an unforeseen functionality and ease of use for children. No one had ever thought of extra large wheels and although it was risky, we were confident it was the right design choice to provide an unprecedented level of functionality and style.
The ROLLER school and travel bag with wheels is the first one on the market with very BIG and sturdy wheels (17,5 cm diameter), and the sleekest looking bag on the market yet for children aged 7-12 years. The BIG wheels are not just attractive to look at, they are also quiet and practically indestructible. Furthermore, big wheels make this bag extremely easy to maneuver on all kinds of surfaces, and to effortlessly go up and down stairs or sidewalks. The big wheels also provide greater stability as they keep the bag from tilting from one side to the other while being dragged. Children love the reliability the big wheels provide as the Roller bag literally "follows" them wherever they go. The sturdy ergonomic handle is adjustable in height to adapt to the growing child, and is shaped like a scooter handle, thereby inviting children to push the bag in front of them (much in the same way adults push shopping carts), which is not only the doctor-approved position to avoid shoulder and wrist injuries, but also a position providing great entertainment for children as they race eachother and invent related games. It is also possible to tow the bag in the more traditional position. With 19 liters capacity and multiple compartments, everything fits in a neat and organized manner. There´s even an insulated pocket to keep drinks or snacks cool, and a laptop case that securely attaches inside the rigid backside of the bag, as more and more children are starting to take notebook computers to school. Nikidom ROLLER is made of the highest quality materials and was built for durability and to withstand the punishing use school and travel bags are subjected to by children. The bottom protector part is made of rigid material in order to protect the fabric part of the bag from scratches, as well as the contents. What´s more, ROLLER has passed the same durability tests as the leading brand in suitcases. Parents love the fact that with ROLLER, children are not carrying heavy loads on their backs, and that this sturdy bag will last a long time. Kids love that they can personalize their Roller with Pins that can be fitted into the holes of the bottom protector, and which they can collect and exchange with their friends. Kids can further customize their bag with cool wheel stickers that provide an interesting optical effect once the wheels get moving. These design accessories provide children with an element of interaction with the bag which nurtures both their natural tendency for play and expression of their personal tastes onto their belongings. ROLLER is a completely new and unique school and travel bag, and the only one to combine an unmistakable smart and stylish design, incredible functionality, and tested quality. The Physioterapist Association in Spain has already granted their seal of approval as it meets all required ergonomic factors for children´s well-being in this product category.
Design Challenges
The most difficult part was to create a schoolbag with wheels children would like to take to school. Many children prefer backpacks because current trolley bags are cumbersome, difficult to maneuver and genereally "not cool". With the super sporty design, attractive big wheels, handle shaped like a scooter, and accessories to personalize and collect for the bag, kids are LOVING Roller! The other challenge faced was to create a product that could be both made of high quality materials, but also affordable in price. Currently in the market the ROLLER bag is above the average price for wheeled schoolbags, but parents happily pay the price difference as the product quality is immediately visible, and regard the cost outlay more as a good investment that will last for years, rather than just another expense.
Production Technology
Telescopic tube made of sturdy light aluminum, bottom protector piece made of solid polypropylene, and wheel tires have polyurethane covering to make them silent.
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