Pearl Atlantis (Floating Resort and Marine Observatory) by Maria Cecilia Cruz
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Futuristic Design Award Winner
We reside in a planet of water and we are creatures also consisting of mostly water and yet only a few of us live their lives with it, and much fewer in it. Only a few understand how to appreciate it, little by little, inch by inch the earth’s surface loses its earth surface. Thus, sustainable floating architecture. As radical as its concept may be, this innovative technique could just be our perfect escape from the nature’s rage.
A Floating sustainable resort and marine observatory to be situated mainly in Cagayan Ridge Marine Biodiversity Corridor, Sulu Sea, (approximately 200km east of Puerto Princesa, Palawan coast and 20km north of the perimeters of Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park) this is to answer our country's need for a way to boost people's awareness regarding the conservation of our marine biodiversity with the construction of a monumental tourist magnet by which our country the Philippines can be easily known for.
Design Challenges
To design a structure that explores the different ways of adapting architecture to the ever-changing environmental state caused by the catastrophic events of Global Warming. And further create a conceptual design for the visualization of a sustainable floating resort which could further serve as a retreat/evacuation facility in case of a big disaster.
Production Technology
DESIGN STRATEGIES Energy Efficiency Renewable Energy Selection of material: as much as possible, no chemically treated materials will be used in the construction process. Sustainability Environmental Impact Human Health Economy Conservation Algaculture: Algae can be the answer to Sustainability. Algae can grow extremely rapidly and have a diverse variety of uses and applications.
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