Lagan (" Coffee Table") by May khoury
2012 - 2013, Silver A' Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Award Winner
My collection of old traditional crafts was my inspiration in creating the design of this coffee table. It is a fusion of two cultures, Jordanian and Uzbek.
The design emphasizes the usage of an old Jordanian piece of brass & an Uzbek embroidered suzanni textile, aesthetically to form a coffee table, blending within our modern lifestyle. Originally, the brass piece was used as a washing utensil. The Suzani textile was used as a wall decoration. Having combined these two pieces of two totally different origins and functions, in such a different way, makes this design a unique one.
Design Challenges
Looking at most of the materials used for designing furniture pieces, Iam mostly attracted to old crafts, which could be part of my design. By doing that, every design would have a story behind it & would define a certain country's heritage. The design of this lagan coffee table attracted a very big number of visitors to my showroom. Through this creation ,Iam trying to expose the new generation to our old crafts, which are eventually fading away, except in museums.
Production Technology
Having the old piece of brass as my main componant of the design, I comissioned an artisan to produce a round wooden frame base, with the same diameter but double the height. To add unique color, the wooden base was upholstered with an old Uzbik hand embroidered suzanni. The brass piece lined by the same suzanni as well, was then attached to the upholstered base with metal screws. A round glass top, double the diameter of the base mounted the whole finished structure.
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