Cat's Cradle (Living-Room Chair) by Stoel Burrowes
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
Inspires by the fine and antique woodworking traditions especially of Scandinavian Mid-Century Modern and Windsor Chair-making, the JB Living-Room Chair also incorporates the contemporary material and whimsy in the elastic seat and back material. The primary engagement, sitting in this chair, takes place on and through the most up to date materials while the technology, design and materials of the frame engage us in a dialog of tradition and structure.
Custom, comfortable elastic seating. Delicate but strong legs of White Oak support and penetrate Poplar side-rails and affix an Ash crest. The strong cross- and side-rails hold the ends of 3/16 bungee cord woven to form an elastic and playful seat.
Design Challenges
Many years of chair construction, observation and design lead to the development of this design. Numerous configurations of leg and rails with special attention to compound angles and footprint have yielded this configuration. Trial and error, failure with intent have been part of a process wich also included many drawings and templates. Perhaps the greatest challenge was met in the solution of the back as the intersection of stretched cords between the seat and crest and the 'king-posts.'
Production Technology
Four tapered White Oak legs form the vertical structure from floor to crest with Poplar rails glued to and resting on the widest parts of these legs. A steam bent solid Ash crest is shaped and grooved to set over the legs and accept the bungee cord that forms the back. Cross rails of Poplar and Oak are separating the sides and supporting the seat. The bungee of the seat is looped around the wood cross rails or around the brass screws in the Poplar side rails.
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