Mowraj (Two Seater) by Dalia Sadany
2012 - 2013, Silver A' Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Award Winner
The human history is rich with countless entities, that could be transformed into artistic master pieces .No matter how grotesque the usable items in these fields are, a creative eye can derive beauty and art from it . The "Mowraj" is an embodiment of deriving characteristic pieces from our rich culture and a reincarnation of a crude machine that was used thousands of years ago into an artistic piece used in our modern sleek, refined interiors by sculpturing it with a Gothic influence that compliments its mystic structure and look.
The Mowraj is a two-seater designed to embody the spirit of ethnic Egyptian and modern Gothic styles. Its form was derived from the Nowrag, the Egyptian version of the threshing sledge altered to embody the Gothic flair without compromising its ethnic antediluvian essence. It is black lacquered featuring ethnic Egyptian handcrafted engravings on both arms and legs as well as rich velvet upholstery accessorized with bolts and pull rings giving it a medieval thrown like Gothic appearance.
Design Challenges
It's never a simple mission to create a furniture piece derived from an extinct agricultural machinery that lacks aesthetic features as well as a strong diverse functionality as a posh two-seater. Second in execution the persistence to reintroduce wood hand craftsmanship in a time where commercial mass production is internationally common is far from an easy assignment. To succeed in achieving the balance and affordable pricing as well as reasonable production time is arduous.
Production Technology
"Mowraj" a two-seater with built-in ottomans in a drawer resemblance with soft close drawer runner and "Tip on" mechanisms by Blum that facilitates the opening and closing of these poufs by a simple push. To achieve the High gloss lacquer finish, a base coat sealer is applied ,5 layers of 2k Acrylic Polyurethane are applied then a 1200 grit sand paper is used to smooth-en the surface, buffing compounds are rubbed in every stage.
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