Place Viau (Brochure) by Elixir Marketing
2012 - 2013, Bronze A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Winner
The inspiration for this design came primarily from two places. Firstly, from the shape of the Place Viau logo and secondly, from the abundant use of glass and shapes found in the architecture of the shopping complex itself.
Place Viau is a shopping complex development located in Quebec, Canada. This brochure was created both as a promotional piece for the shopping complex and as a tool for leasing representatives to sell space to prospective retail tenants. It was to be unique and memorable and position Place Viau as a bright, modern place to shop. The piece is meant to emulate the shape of the Place Viau logo, giving it a strong brand presence. The design treatments and finishing techniques echo key architectural features of the property. The shape, the folds, the presentation of information and the use of printing and finishing techniques come together to make this piece unique.
Design Challenges
Elixir Marketing did not encounter any design challenges while designing the award winning Place Viau Brochure.
Production Technology
The piece is made up of two main components: The wrap which holds the brochure and the brochure itself. The wrap is kept closed by a clear acrylic band. The wrap - made of heavy card stock - is die-cut so that when closed, it forms the shape of the Place Viau logo. When the wrap is folded opened, the main brochure inside is revealed. As the reader flips through the brochure, they are exposed to graphics and finishing techniques which echo architectural details of the building itself: Translucent pages with mirrored text treatments emulating the reflective properties of soaring glass facades; staggered rectangular graphics patterned after brickwork on the building’s exterior; accents of bright pink evoking the colours of the outdoor patio decor. This combination of bright colours, unique shapes and varied finishes make the Place Viau brochure a bold, distinct and engaging piece.
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