Klaipeda City 760-Th Anniversary (Visual Identity) by Roman Klemencov
2012 - 2013, Silver A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Winner
Calligraphy as an art form.
Klaipeda is the third largest city in Lithuania with a long history, situated next to the Baltic Sea. Getting an inspiration from calligraphy we designed the whole anniversary visual identity system: slogan “Klaipeda - City of Good Winds”, logotype, promo and representational materials, Klaipeda historical panorama, kinetic spatial composition “Klaipeda. 1252-2012 Historic Pendulum” as well as an interactive composition which metaphorically was called “Birds Chirping”. About "Klaipeda" logotype. Merging the words “City”, “Wind”, “Calligraphy”, “Anniversary” we designed a logotype – an attractive, vivid, emotion-rich, freestyle calligraphically written and digitized “Klaipeda” name. The official Klaipeda City heraldry red/yellow color palette was used as the main Klaipeda 1252-2012 visual identity color. Personally, we could compare it to jazz, with its continuous pulsation, rhythmic improvisation, expression, joy and a kind of freedom. We tried to find the proper balance between harmony, action and expressivity. It reflects optimistic emotions through attractiveness, visuality and style.
Design Challenges
It was so important to develop right visual idea, to find expression, to combine the quantity and quality, historical aspect, set priority as well as to purposely convey the emotion of the content.
Production Technology
2D & 3D Software (Adobe Creative Suite, 3D Studio Max, V-Ray), Wide-format printing (VersaWorks RIP), Prototyping controllers, (29) Servo engines 180/360 degree, Proximity sensors, Plastic sculpture forms (birds & elements), LED lights, Audio sound effects, Modular constructions etc.
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