Nova (Heater) by Chang Hee Lee
2012 - 2013, Bronze A' Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Award Winner
The interactive features and the emotional aspects of the heat.
Heating Nova is a heating radiator unit mostly built from titanium and aluminum. The surface of the heater constantly interacts with the growing heat from the bottom and dramatically marks and records itself with traces or patterns of the expanding heat on the outer surface of the heater as time passes. This marriage between its functional element and the material’s features creates a dramatic juxtaposition of the object, which is about oneness of the object, creating a perfection of a functional identity by beautifully linking its function and the object’s features.
Design Challenges
I personally made all the materials and parts of Heating Nova: not only cleaning, but also engraving and polishing the surface of titanium with sandpaper, which is a very classical way of production. I tried to make it look consistent to show my understanding of detail and the material’s features. I also constructed it with a stable structure and made sure that the titanium surface had a well-polished unique quality. During the cleaning process I lost some fingernails when I used hydrochloric acid. It is also possible to say that all the various experiments I did for creating Heating Nova show the alchemical aspects of my design processes.
Production Technology
I carried out a variety of experiments to find out the different expanding gradational effects between heat and various materials; I burnt several types of metal sheets, including bronze, titanium, aluminium, steel and copper all in different sizes and thicknesses. Metals like copper and bronze are dangerous when heated because of their fusible feature. During the heating process, I could actually see the rapidly growing gradation effect from the core heating point between the heat and the material. ‘Heating Nova’ will gradually show its expanding performance as time passes.
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