Zeus (The Package Design of Chewing Gum) by Yoichi Kondo
2012 - 2013, Silver A' Packaging Design Award Winner
Japanese youth have begun to stop chewing gum. It occurred to me that if a brand that instilled some new incentive to chew gum was made readily available to them, it would reawaken their desire to purchase gum. Inspired by Zeus, the God that controls the weather, this product design is named "ZEUS"; accordingly, I thought of various ways in which 'climate' is used on the packaging.
Package designs for chewing gum. The concept of these design is "stimulating sensitivity". Targets of products are males in their twenties, and those innovative designs help them to pick products up at stores instinctively. Main visuals express spectacular world view of natural phenomenon that associate to each flavor. THUNDER SPARK for an argute and electrifying flavor, SNOW STORM for freezing and strong cooling flavor, and RAIN SHOWER for flavor of moisten, juicy and waterly sense.
Design Challenges
My mission is to establish a chewing gum that stimulates the senses, a concept that until now has not been explored. In terms of results, a gum is considered a 'hit' in Japan if it sells 5,000,000 units per year - in the first two months of the product's release 7,000,000 units were sold, and sales have continued apace since then.
Production Technology
The gum-wrapper is partially attached to the container, so that the gum itself won't come apart. Furthermore, the packaging is designed so that when taking a piece of gum, a section of the wrapper automatically comes unstuck, allowing one to simply and naturally put the gum in one's mouth.
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