Caesar Park Hotels and Resorts (Design Strategy) by MARCELO LOPES
2012 - 2013, Silver A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Winner
The items were studied to deliver the guests a design “ experience”. The sensitivy, playfulness, coziness, even the basic items are presented in a more innovative way. A project that we wanted the guests to feel embraced by the hotel. The unique design and communication of the items were created to goal a generating greater recall for the guest of their stay. A design interfering people’s day-to-day in a positive way.
The principal points of this project were to give the overall economy: fifty per cent reduction in the number of items in the visual identity manual, less paper consumption. Creation of the new index structure to facilitate the search of the items in the new visual identity manual, durability - some support materials were also substituted with the aim of generating greater durability for the items and a sustainable Design, we replaced some plastic or TNT materials for hundred per cent cotton fabric. All paper specified in the new project are FSC certified papers.
Design Challenges
Reduction in the number of pieces of the visual identity manual: from two hundred twenty to one hundred and ten pieces. The size of practically all pieces maintained in the manual and the new pieces implemented were thoroughly studies with respect to use of paper, thereby rendering the project more sustainable. From the corporate responsibility standpoint and the pieces more delicate and elegant, from the perspective of design – pieces are more compatible with an upscale hotel.
Production Technology
Most of the new design of the pieces was used paper, using plastic for a little of pieces, cotton fabric and post consumer recycled polypropylene.
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