Myth (Graphic Design) by Tomokazu Furudate
2012 - 2013, Bronze A' Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Award Winner
I thought by creating a work of high level using the free tools on their own, and might become the trigger for a lot of people who had given up their own potential until now have new possibilities.
I created a design using a free tool called GIMP that can be used by anyone in the world, and take full advantage of its features. Even if it does not use the expensive software, many people are beginning to make such works can explore the possibilities of design.
Design Challenges
First, I think that if things himself said with a tool called GIMP if this can make. Think or techniques that have not been published in the reference book, I was thinking and what the mechanism of technology is a famous artist in the world what's going on. Among them, incorporating the technically possible, I went to my own development as an art.
Production Technology
This work was created using the free GIMP tools. Can spread the word that a lot of people that can challenge the art design is also a free tool for example purposes. With respect to production of the work, are processed photos with the mouse only.
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