Studio (Working Place) by AS Design Service Limited -
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Sense meets Sensibility
Hong Kong AS Design Service Ltd Founders Four Lau & Sam Sum are using the simplest way to partition the main entrance area and make it completely incompatible with the surrounding environment, adding a sense of freshness, mysterious, and self-contained to the entrance. Using a snooker table for conference creates a relaxed atmosphere, no more rigidity. Fusing artistic elements such as dramatic lightings, glass partitions in gray, hi-fi speakers, retro sofa and mannequins with the environment; filling it with the sense of movies and cosmopolitan city life. Turning the conference room into a play room can stimulate the creative thinking of employees, and increase their sense of belongings to the company. The boldness of changing ping-pong tables to work desks directly without changing the ping-pong tables brings out interaction (mutual communication), changes (creativeness), and speed (efficiency). Different tones of gray harmonizes work environment, we also like to add our preferences into the work environment. The motorcycle has been successfully integrated into the office furniture, forming a simple form of “creative workspace” that we have been seeking.
Design Challenges
It optimizes the visual of the workplace boredom, and also inspires employees for creative thinking.
Production Technology
MATERIALS: Light weight brick, carpet , black glass, epoxy floor coating
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