Fugoo Cult Bag (Handbag) by Susanne Leitner
2012 - 2013, Bronze A' Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award Winner
Throughout my education I once wrote a paper dealing with the history and future of handbags, When doing so I realized that the concept of hardshell handbags had been explored before but the principle never made it into the broader fashion market. This was astonishing, specifically as a stable, somewhat rigid structure offers multiple design opportunities not applicable to softshell bags. Apart from new dimensions in material selection a hard shell offers the opportunity to fully integrate functional elements like handles, locks etc. right into the desired shape of a bag.
The Fugoo Concept represents a symbiosis of two principles whose smallest common denominator is the hard shell. These principles are optimum protection of contents and liberty of shape. Protection of content gains importance in a period where everybody carries electronic devices like smartphones and becomes a key deliverable when designing bags, specifically handbags. At the same time, the technology opens up new dimensions to the selection and design of materials. Wood, glass or metal, even rigid materials can be used to shape the surface of the bag.
Design Challenges
When I started this project my budget was very low, so I had to acquire the manual skills to produce these bags by myself. This was definitely the hardest part of this project.
Production Technology
Two half spheres (one of them with the carrying-hole) build the outer hull, a further sphere segment forms the inner compartment. Two half-circle dividers seperate the carrying-area from the actual compartment. One divider creates a sub- compartment housing the strap mechanism, you can simply pull out the strap when needed and when released it will retract by itself. The second divider bears a stopper to avoid extensive opening of both half spheres. The first half sphere is attached to the inner sphere shell, together they form the inner, fillable case.
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