Playtime (Fashion; Interactive Clothing) by ying gao
2012 - 2013, Silver A' Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Award Winner
Inspired by director Jacques Tati 's film of the same title, Playtime lets the viewer reflect on appearances and the perception of objects in space. Compared to haute couture by French writer Francois Ede, the film presents a world where modern architecture and urban surveillance are overtly present, while using stylistic techniques to fool the viewer, such as trompe l'oeil and mirror effects.
Playtime exists at the intersection of fashion design and interactive technologies. It creates an experience that encompasses the garments themselves, the spectators, and their environment. In the context of a fashion show with sounds and lighting, the possibility for the viewer to photograph or shoot the pieces on video is rendered difficult: the dresses will appear blurry in the recorded image. The first dress will appear blurry and the second dress will react to the flash of the camera, itself becoming a light source when a photo is taken.
Design Challenges
The work focuses on the idea and the conceit of dresses that can physically metamorphose. The challenge, in terms of fashion design, is to construct garments with free - flowing dimensions affording the potential for numerous shapes, unlike the fixed measurements of so - called traditional garments. Playtime proposes an in - depth study on the garment 's adjustable structure and the integration of interactive technologies.
Production Technology
Super organza ( world's lightest fabric ); PVDF textile, micro motors, light sensors, Arduino.
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