Container Offices (Office Interior) by FIVE AM
2012 - 2013, Bronze A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
This design is in fact an answer to the demand of building so cheap as possible. Now firms can't invest a lot of money in new interiors, so designers also need to be creative with the budget. That's why we like to use budgetfriendly or secondhand materials in our designs.
In a big hall of 4000 sqm, belgian designers five AM placed 13 second hand shipping containers to create an office space for drukta & formail, two printing companies. the concept was to create a certain experience for every visitor/user, linking the offices between the workshop so the bosses can see their employees, and the visitors can explore the huge machinery. three containers pop out of the building to get as much natural light as possible, both located through the existing loading docks.
Design Challenges
The hardest part of the design was keeping the budget as low as possible. The client wanted a lot for less. It was our task to implement all their demands in the design without exceeding the budget. To accomplish that we needed to be creative, like multi-use of a meeting room that can be used for staff meeting, but also for lunch.
Production Technology
To design the installation, we made many scale models in cardboard to symbolize the containers. Like this we could see what impact the containers will have on the existing hall.The containers,we picked out ourselves,got sandblasted and got a new layer of lacquer afterwards.They got welded to each other on site.For the interior we used construction materials like MDF & plywood, to keep the budget low. On the other hand de structure of the plywood delivers a warm and cosy feeling.
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