Signa (Brick Cladding System) by Vandersanden Group
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Building Materials, Construction Components, Structures & Systems Design Award Winner
Our inspiration is a result of a quality market research about the use of facade bricks in the current building industry. Every architect wants to be creative and leave his ‘signature’ on a building. But in traditional brickwork you are bound by the possibilities and restrictions of bricklaying. Thanks to our R&D department we developed a product with limitless opportunities, named Signa "creative architecture, signed brick".
By developing a precast panel, where durable brick slips are mounted onto a weather-resistant stone sheet, architects now have an unprecedented freedom to design the most creative brick patterns. • The SIGNA carrier is a dimensionally stable and weatherproof stone plate. • The Vandersanden brick slips are bonded to the supporting plate in the factory. • A huge array of choices in all sizes and colours of the Vandersanden range, including all possible combinations. • 3D effects can be created. • SIGNA can be installed on different rear structures, e.g. aluminum or wood.
Design Challenges
Finding the right components which are weather resistant, suitable for the building industry and excellent matching with our product "brick slips".
Production Technology
Brick slips are made/cut of original facing bricks and as such have the same characteristics as the facing bricks in accordance with the Belgian Benor and European CE standards. They are also lightweight and very easy to handle. The size of the brick slips depend on the design of the architect. A carrier, wich can be mounted to a wall, has to carry the brick slips. A suitable, strong and weather resistant glue attaches the slips to the substrate. The carrier is of the type 'Rockpanel', a stone panel which has the same properties as a brick? The panel is weather resistant and dimension stable.
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