Suivez Le Guide (Flexible Office) by FIVE AM
2012 - 2013, Bronze A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
All over the world designers talk about the new way of working, living, eating... People are searching for multi-use in every part of their life. After hearing the demand of the client, we didn't want to design dull desks, sturdy couches etc. We wanted to create something flexible. Users need to decide by themselves if they want a big meetingroom or a small intimate place for themselves.
This concept was designed for a design competition organized by the province of West Flanders.The assignment was to fill up a large empty space which is in the middle of several offices, with furniture where the users could gather. Suivez le guide is a series of 7 volumes of plywood in which allows the user to practice another activity. They can easily change the location of each box according the function they need.
Design Challenges
The hardest part was to compete with existing furniture concepts, that were presented by other companies. We had to convince the client to dare to use something new and dare to break with conventions.
Production Technology
The boxes are made out of varnished plywood with felt on the interior that works as an acoustic layer. The rolling system is based on the archive system many firms use for stacking their big paper archive. It is an easy en space-friendly solution. Users can put the boxes away when they don't need it. Like this these 'boxes' don't take a lot of space. Some boxes are provided with a LED light on a battery.
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