Volcano (Cast Iron Hob) by Ahmet Yalçınkaya
2012 - 2013, Bronze A' Home Appliances Design Award Winner
The idea came up to design a hob which is eco-friendly and has free food contact. After that decision,material(cast iron) was chosen,accordingly,production process(molding) was chosen too.Next step was deciding on the concept.The volcano and its’ lavas are adapted to burners and pan supports. While questing form, data of the nature of material is used.Keywords were continuity, flowability and naturel simplicity.
Volcano,produced from cast iron with one part of molding.It is %100 recyclable qualified and eco-friendly built -in hob.The high-enamel coating technology which is situated only a few companies of the world and the high efficient burners are used for this product.Thus it is more usefull,more durable and have better technical features than its’ equivalents.It does not contain any substances harmful to health and environment.It draws attention with its’ different ,continuous lines and adds value to kitchens.
Design Challenges
During the realization of it, the main subject was matching the burners and pan supports and especially take out the tray from the mold.Also enamel coating qualification and desire to reach pure surface was one of the most important points.The hardest thing was coating iron with enamel.Because they have different coefficient of expansion.So,while baking them together, iron cracked.Therefore after extended working and research ,electrophortic enamel coating used and got the superior results.
Production Technology
Produced from cast iron,with one part molding and 3 layers of “electrophoretic” enamel coating. 1st layer protects from oxidation and prepares a surface,2nd layer, black coloured,prevents from stratches and the last layer gives the final view. It doesn’t contain any hazordous material; like lead,cadmium. Succesfully tested for cold and boiling citric acid,water vapour,detergent solutions. RoHS, REACH Certifications and Complaince LFGB*,FDA* ,84/500/EEC Standards,CE and ISO9001
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