Identity Created by Consumer (icc) (Corporate Identity System) by Jone Aleksiunaite
2012 - 2013, Bronze A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Winner
Inspiration source: a book "Brand Sense" of Martin Lindstrom, curiosity in corporate identity field, identity as social science and philosophy, interaction between consumer and company identities, seek for higher emotional experience values of using graphic design.
The project describes a system of a dynamic identity where a strategy of a company and an experience of a consumer with a dialogue between both sides is well planned. It is a structure, that gives an opportunity for the customer to influence the identity of a company. This structure has a visual basis, which allows to include changing dynamic details, while keeping the stylistically unified effect. The Modern Art Museum is chosen as a model for a concept explanation, as a space, where the creative process can be easily planned: every visitor is made to create two units of a personal identity data – a personal symbol and an image of a movement – they become essential visual material for making individual souvenirs, moving graphics and a dynamic logotype that is used in a website and digital screens of the museum. The consumer becomes a source of creation, which colours the basic identity structure of the museum.
Design Challenges
To design a strategy that brings atrractive visual results of consumer creation. To think of how consumer can consciously or unconsciously influence a corporate identity. To keep influence and visual dynamics while keeping clear identification.
Production Technology
The visual part was made by using vector graphics and recorded digital video material to get the image of human movement.
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