Kagome (Stool) by Shinn Asano
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
The Sen furniture series, including the Kagome stool, was inspired by the unique aspects of traditional Japanese craft, patterns, hieroglyphs and nuances. It also has been created with lines that minimize excess to express both form and functionality in a range of applications because I am a designer with background in graphic design and would create funiture just like a simple perspective drawing on paper.
6 piece collection of steel furniture called Sen, which turns 2D lines into 3D forms, has been inspired by the unique aspects of traditional Japanese craft, patterns, hieroglyphs and nuances. Kagome Stool is one of the Sen that is made from 18 right angle triangles that support each other and when viewed from above forms the traditional Japanese craft pattern kagome moyou. Perfect form is not necessarily perfect, so the stool has been intentionally created with one of the triangles slightly out of place.
Design Challenges
The major role of graphic design is to communicate something to people, and product design is to be used by people. Also, graphic is dealt in a limited plane, in an imaginary or unreal world. On the other hand, product is a solid object in a real world. While such differences cross over with one another, respective results are achieved; I feel the challenge and the fun in such design process. I have given Kagome stool a functional role of product, as well as a role of planar composition and communication of graphic.
Production Technology
Manufactured at a wire works, the steel wire is bent to make 18 light angle triangles first. Second, these 18 light angle triangles combined on Japanese kagome moyou pattern, in which 6 right triangles are aligned in sets with each triangle positioned to form 120 degrees angles from the center. Third, these conbined wire will be welded beautifully. Finally, it will be powder coated and done.
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