Eclipse Hoop Earrings (Jewelry-Earrings) by Takayas Mizuno
2012 - 2013, Silver A' Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Winner
There is one phenomena that continually arrests our behavior, stopping us dead in our tracks. The astrological phenomenon of a solar eclipse has intrigued people from the earliest ages of humanity. From the sudden darkening of the sky and blotting out of the Sun has cast a long shadow of fear, suspicion, and wonder on the imaginations The stunning nature of solar eclipses leaves a lasting impression upon us all. The 18K white gold diamond eclipse hoop earrings were inspired by the 2012 solar eclipse. The design tries to capture the mysterious nature and beauty of the sun and the moon.
The eye catching design of the Eclipse hoop earrings is the result of the synchronicity of the mirror image. The pure perfection of the simplicity of the beautiful lines, as of the silhouette of the sun and the moon lined with the brilliant shin of the diamonds which is balanced with the use of organic and geometric shapes without sacrificing the beauty and mystery of the solar eclipse. The design emulating the mysterious halo present during an eclipse with sparkling diamond accents on the sides for a little extra dazzle. The design adds something more elegant to a classic inspired form.
Design Challenges
The biggest challenge was how to recreate what was happening in the sky to a the design in a computer as a model and to actually try to capture that same beauty. The design had to be created in a way that the casting would be able to build the whole earring in parts and still maintain the integrity of the unique structure and shape. Cleaning and polishing the parts is time consuming and requires care since it will be showing, but well worth the effort. After the parts are completed, a laser welder is used in the next phase. The utmost care is needed in order not to damage the previous steps of the work already done. From whatever angle one looks at the earrings, the earrings appears as if it were a different design, that is one of the elements that make these earrings unique.
Production Technology
18K white gold hoop earrings, with rpimd brilliant cut diamonds, Color:H, Clarity: VS2 Gemstone size weight; 2mmx16mm, 0.48ct 1.6mmx62, 0.97ct 1.3mmx43, .35ct
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