Chasing Space (Music and Sound Design For Motiongraphic) by Francesco Sarcone
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Music, Audio and Sound Design Award Winner
A speech from Alan Watts inspired the video: "... that's what we find as we investigate the Universe: make the microscope bigger and bigger, and we will find ever more minute things; the Universe expands, because it's running away from itself.". In the music i was inspired by the concept of space and emptiness and the in-depth research of the tiny world inside the unlimited universe.
The main theme is composed exclusively for this motion and it's perfectly synchronized with what happens in the screen, music and sound effects are blended together to create a unique soundscape.
Design Challenges
The hardest part of this work was to create sounds out of nothing and to describe the emptiness with sounds.
Production Technology
Musical instruments (guitars, bass, percussions); music production software (Ableton Live); 2 condenser microphones to record the field sound of an empty big room; 1 contact microphone to capture the sound of some small objects.
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