Wavy (Tea Set) by Patricia Sheung Ying Wong
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design Award Winner
During my trip to Yellowstone National Park, I was fascinated by the naturally-formed layers of travertine terrace. The irregularity of the layers reminded me of the pulling action that occurred when hot glass was being formed. I used photos from these experiences as my inspiration for this tea set. However, my friend, knowing my love for birds, also reminded me that the set appeared to be bird-like. The set is quiet, but alive at the same time.
A tea set that will bring you a unique tea experience. The innovative handles are developed to fit comfortably in your hands. By nestling the cup with your palms, you will discover that it unfolds like a water lily and lead you to an instantaneous world of tranquility.
Design Challenges
The challenge of this design was to create a non-generic cup form that would fit comfortably into any user's hands. During my design process, I handed my mock-up models to different people and recorded their comments. I adjusted the handle for numerous times until I got the perfect scale and proportion. The other challenge I had was to create beautiful pieces that required less production time. It was extremely challenging to balance my expectation (aesthetic) and reality (production).
Production Technology
I designed this set with slip-casting technique. The process started by creating clay positives and plaster molds, casting with slips, and firing the finished pieces twice. I tried trying to achieve beautiful forms with quick and easy manufacturing process. None of the molds that were created to cast the set exceeded four parts.
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