Beacon (Lamp) by Bogdan Moga
2012 - 2013, Silver A' Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Winner
The idea for this project came from the realization that lamps are usually placed near a wall. The wall in question is a great (usually missed) opportunity for light diffusion. Following that, we can construct a lamp that in itself has no light diffuser, allowing for a construction that is reduced to essentials. Inspiration came from antennae found in the science fiction universe, on space craft, ground facilities, or space stations. They are made of metallic materials, elongated, straight, sometimes with a light beacon near or on the top.
A minimalistic, economical copper tube lamp that uses surrounding surfaces to reflect and diffuse light. In its brushed metal version, the copper shell ages in time, growing more personal as the material oxidizes.
Design Challenges
Building a light fixture that is minimal in appearance and yet energy efficient without taking shortcuts was the biggest challenge. Finding ways to integrate the power source and light source into the body so that the power chord can be in itself a design element without bulky boxes attached. Integrating the switch into the design in a way that is both true to form and easy to use - a switch on the power chord would have been so much easier to implement, but more difficult to find in normal usage scenarios.
Production Technology
The outer shell is constructed from copper tubes and fittings. The light source is constructed using high powered LED bands encapsulated in an transparent resin cylinder. The power switch is integrated in the design, one needs to press the top cap to turn on or off the lamp. The power source integrated in the design enables high energetic efficiency.
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