Electra (Faucets) by E.C.A. Design Team
2012 - 2013, Silver A' Building Materials, Construction Components, Structures & Systems Design Award Winner
Electra deemed as the digital use representative in armature sector combines the technology with design to emphasize the digital age designs. The series, which has been designed with the estimation that all mechanical products would be converted into the digital products in the near future, is consisting of only the casing in contrast with all ordinary armature shapes. The water flowing away among the stones in the prehistoric ages now is offered through a natural form and a technological solution. Electra series that has been designed with the estimation of all products are digital aim to provide the users with a distinctive experience. Electra series, a hightech product, enables you to take the first step towards the limitless content of the digital world. Electra produces sculpture like visual perception in the wet places due to its prestigious appearance. This concept is now turned to an aesthetic object rather than only functionality
The faucets that does not have separate handle attracts everyone due to its elegance and smart appearance is decisive to be unique in wet area. The touch display buttons of Electra offer the users more ergonomic solution. The movement space and ergonomics are maximized due to the position of control buttons. Eco Mind of the faucets provide user with maximum efficiency in saving. So it adds value to the next generations by emphasizing the conscious of a sustainable future.
Design Challenges
Our researchs directed us to a new innovative form which carries marks from past. Because we know that we have to familiarize our users to new technology instead of a sudden change. Because people hesitate when water meets electricity. Thats why we used two differend touch panels in design and prototypes sent to both customers and marketing experts.Feedbacks showed the most aesthetic and and ergonomic design for final production.
Production Technology
Electronic touch display used in design reduce the number of components compared to standard armature. The water is carried away to the output end through a hose so it reduces the number of procedure on the body. It creates the production flexibility. To prevent the contact of display cables with water, a different coring technique is used. It makes the casting comfortable. Body process is a leading method in terms of using our benches different and more productive.
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