Snow (Sailing Yacht) by Hakan Gürsu
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Yacht and Marine Vessels Design Award Winner
Hakan Gürsu states that the inspiration for Snow Sailing Yacht came suddenly.
Designed as an extraordinary 66-meter superyacht, Snow is a new sailing vessel with a radical approach. Her elegant lines with streamlined touches, combines modern design with classical taste. She has a draft of 4.85 m keel up / 7.5 – 12.1 m keel down with an innovative foldable keel, featuring a beam of 10.6 m. One of Snow’s many groundbreaking features is her twin masts that split upon hull and increase performance and stabilization. Aiming to offer an ultimate sailing experience, Snow is one of the newest generations of retro schooners with improved strength, comfort and sailing joy. Referring to classical schooner line, she has two equal-length masts that split and converge on hull edges instead of being placed on centerline. This twin mast feature brings enhanced stability and a considerable amount of space, therefore offers flexibility in interior layout. Besides an efficient usage of large multi-deck areas, Snow has an increased number of decks; in addition to flybridge, upper and lower deck, a suspended deck is hold on top of flybridge that gives a better control over sails and booms. Also an additional lower deck offers an extra space for crew. Main deck offers an inclined space on fore, a multifunctional fore-room with a panoramic view, dining room, main hall, study, screening room and a stern room with sittings. Two pairs of bathrooms are placed near the front and end, also two showers are provided near fore that opens directly to deck. Stairs for access between levels are located near bathrooms, and there is an upright stair on fore, especially for crew. A serving room with access throughout the levels is provided. Aside from control room, flybridge deck contains a captain room, bathrooms in fore and aft, a skylight with sittings, and a deck bar. Two lower decks offer cabins and utility rooms for guests and personnel. In total, 6 single, 10 double and two master bedrooms are offered for guests, while 12-14 cabins are available for personnel. Snow offers enough accommodation even for large groups. Two tender boats are embedded on hull body for landing and cruising purposes. Equipped with air conditioning, sliding roof panels and leather upholstery, they offer a panoramic views as well as recreational activities and are designed for luxury and leisure. Performing well in tank and wind tunnel testing, she has outstanding hydrodynamic and aerodynamic characteristics.
Design Challenges
Hakan Gürsu did not encounter any design challenges while designing the award winning Snow Sailing Yacht.
Production Technology
A revolutionary approach is embraced on design of the keel; foldable from center pivots, it contracts and enables approaching more shallow ports. With a decrease in centerboard length from 11.7 meters to 7.2 meters, Snow offers more flexibility in landing and docking. Powered by two diesel engines of 532 kW, she has a tank capacity of 56,000 liters in total. Her maximum speed is over 14 knots. With her robust rig, aerodynamic twin masts and folding keel, she can perform as racing sails. Having 2100 square meters of sails in total, she has an efficient sails plan. Snow is an extraordinary yacht with its radical twin masts, sleek hull, increased deck and sail area, and well-organized layout with considerable amount of saved space. Her modern lines serves for both beauty and functionality. With a nearly vertical bow, she has an increased waterline length and therefore more speed and hydrodynamic qualities. With increased space in interior and exterior, Snow offers relaxing areas, rooms for sports and recreational activities. Her bright interiors open up with glass and sliding windows and invites sunlight in. Designed white as its name suggests, Snow’s material selection and color palette choices were made carefully, for its teak deck and white composite hull complements a modern adventure sail yacht. Using composite technology, hull body is made of laminated layers of carbon fiber and epoxy resin, finished with epoxy and uv-resistant coatings. Highly durable body enables a lightweight yet long-lasting design. Contributing upon the classical yacht heritage, Snow is designed and dedicated to become a novel sailing yacht with retrospective lines and modern virtues to offer comfort, performance and flexibility. As a seaworthy vessel, she invites navigators for maritime activities in harmony with nature.
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