Fold For Fun (Office) by Michael Liu
2012 - 2013, Silver A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The design of this office flat is based on the belief of involving architectural concept into interior design, aiming at fully utilizing the original space while fulfilling the client’s request of innovation. The designer especially adopts the folding concept and distorts the ordinary space by some simple cuts and folds, bringing out some incredible bending lines. At the same time, to reinforce the effect, the designer also utilizes the idea of reflection to elongate the distorted lines, creating a wonderful and exceptional visual image.
The main requests put forward by the client are making good use of all the space and being creative and pioneering in the design. Based on the client’s brief, the designer comes up with the idea of adopting the folding concept to distort a normal space, and utilizing the reflecting concept to lengthen the distorted image. In light of this, the strategy of making full use of three-dimensional skills in the design is confirmed.
Design Challenges
The reasoning behind this designing notion is based on the characteristics of bended lines. Bended lines are 3-dimentiional, which are very different from 2-dimentional ones. Viewing from a different angle, bended lines look entirely different. In light of this, when a distorted wall is reflected from another angle, and the reflected image is viewed together with the original image, a unique and amazing picture will be formed. The resulted image will be like a stretched and twisted wall, generating an unusual effect and add to the workplace much originality and fun.
Production Technology
After confirming the designing strategies, the designer prepares the floor plan and creates a cardboard model to demonstrate the concept of folding and twisting so that the client can grasp the final outcome more comprehensively. After that, a 3-D diagram based on the model is produced which clearly and concretely shows the related designing notion.
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