Netatmo Urban Weather Station (Weather Station) by Alexandre Moronnoz Adrien Campagnac
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Home Appliances Design Award Winner
The initial idea was to work with a small technological cube. But the design was finally chosen from the perspective of a better fitting theme regarding the atmosphere and the weather. In the end, the proposition was a cylindrical form that matches the shape of meteorological instruments like the thermometer, for example, which «reaches for the sky». The illuminating slot gives the object a first impression that is subtle and universal. This slot has a dual function: it lets the air enter and spreads a warm or cold light, depending on the indicated air quality.
The product is an important innovation in the domain of Personal Weather Stations. The Weather Station's interface is transformed and embodied in the user's Smartphone (iPhone, iPad, Android device) application. This is a total break-away from the traditional Personal Weather Station concept, which usually includes the classic LCD screen or buttons for the selection of specific functions. Liberated from the classic concept, the 'Weather Station' device can be totally re-thought, and it can be given a new fundamental and innovative design.
Design Challenges
Alexandre Moronnoz Adrien Campagnac did not encounter any design challenges while designing the award winning Netatmo Urban Weather Station Weather Station.
Production Technology
The Personal Weather Station is a digital revolution. It is a widely distributed and useful product. It completely redefines the traditional device. Its innovative connected technology permits direct communicate with the user's Smartphone. The Urban Weather Stations consists of a single piece of durable aluminum shell, UV-resistant and ABS plastic. It includes a temperature sensor (indoor and outdoor), a humidity (indoor and outdoor) sensor, a barometer, a CO2 (indoor) meter and a sound meter (indoor) to monitor the users noise pollution exposure.
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